Rwanda Music

By | August 12, 2020


Traditional music has remained largely unchanged. At the center of the music are ritual dances that include. depicts historical and mythical episodes; the most famous dance is ikinimba. The most important instruments include ingoma drums of various sizes, the large trough citra inanga, the musical bow (umuduri), the one-stringed string instrument inigiri, tumpiano (ikembe) and the flute umwironke. The tradition is managed by National Ballet of Rwanda (also known as Ballet National Urukerereza), founded in the early 1970’s to represent the country in an international context, and Ballet Inganzo.

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The violent conflicts in the country have also affected the music world and many artists have chosen to go into exile. One of the most important is C├ęcile Kayirebwa (born 1946), who has lived and worked in Brussels since the 1970’s where many of the country’s musicians moved. Mention can also be made of Jean Paul Samputu (born 1962) and Corneille (actually Cornelius Nyungura; born 1977), who is based in Canada.

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