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China Foreign Relations

The foreign relations of the People’s Republic of China, commonly known as China, guide the way China interacts with foreign countries, expressing its political and economic vulnerabilities and values. China’s foreign policy and strategic thinking have great influence as a major country and a would-be superpower. China officially claims that it “steadfastly pursues a foreign… Read More »

Introduction to Dispute Settlement Understanding (DSU)

According to abbreviationfinder, the Dispute Settlement Understanding (DSU) is the legal framework for settling disputes between the members of the World Trade Organization (WTO). It was created as part of the Uruguay Round agreements and is now part of the WTO’s core legal instruments. The DSU sets out a comprehensive system for resolving trade disputes… Read More »

Things to Do in Mauritius

According to Toppharmacyschools, Mauritius is the star of the Indian Ocean, an emerald island with magnificent beaches and everything you need to delight tourists. Wedding tours and holidays, fishing and diving, excellent resorts and the paradise island of Rodrigues – everything about Mauritius: tours, prices, maps, hotels and photos. “Small, but remote” is about Mauritius.… Read More »

Makadi Bay, Egypt

The only resort in Egypt that was created exclusively for guests of the country, not inhabited by local residents, Makadi Bay is distinguished by quiet blissful calm, despite the fact that 30 km from it, colorful Hurghada thunders with all the languages ​​of the planet. The resort is mainly focused on a secluded, relaxing holiday,… Read More »

Marsa Alam, Egypt

According to ALLCITYCODES, the former fishing village of Marsa Alam intends to proudly bear the title of a high-class international resort in the near future – the construction of four- and five-star hotels is in full swing here, the coastline stretches as much as 70 kilometers. Some of the hotels are already ready to receive… Read More »

Kolmanskop and Namib Desert, Namibia

Kolmanskop Abandoned buildings sink in the sand, in the blackness of the window openings you can see the houses of the ghost town covered with sand for a third of the room. It is hard to imagine that at the beginning of the last century, in the middle of the Namib Desert, the town of… Read More »

How to Get to the Gambia

There are no direct flights from Russian cities to the Gambia, you will have to get there with a transfer. Very few flights from European capitals arrive at the capital’s Banjul airport, so two transfers are likely to be required. Among the most convenient and cheap options are a flight via Paris and Dakar on… Read More »

Saly, Senegal

Saly Portudal, or Saly for short, is an African beach paradise with a European level of service, a rapidly gaining popularity in the resort area of ​​Petit-Cote on the coast of Senegal. In European guidebooks, Saly is usually referred to as the “pearl of West Africa”, and there is every reason for such a pompous… Read More »

Sun City, South Africa

The history of Sun City is very similar to the founding of Las Vegas. When tourism in South Africa began to slowly flourish and even bring in a lot of profit, the locals were puzzled: how to make sure that the wild expanses of the north of the country did not “idle” idle, but carried… Read More »

Sights of Port Louis, Mauritius

The island of Mauritius is located in the Indian Ocean next to Madagascar. Many newly married couples choose Mauritius to spend their honeymoon there. According to DENTISTRYMYTH, the snow-white beaches, swaying palm trees, beautiful hotels and the beautiful blue water are excellent ingredients for those looking for peace, sun, sea and sand. But even if… Read More »