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Resorts and Attractions in Egypt

In the northeastern part of the African continent is the country of the pyramids – Egypt. This beautiful sunny country is one of the most favorite tourist destinations. Every day it attracts more than one million fans of the hot sun from all over the world who dream of soaking in the atmosphere of the… Read More »

Tunisia Economy Overview

The Republic of Tunisia is also known as a popular destination for Czech tourists, it is also the country where the so-called Jasmine Revolution in 2011 started the process of democratization despite security and economic challenges. The cultural and geographical proximity to Europe makes Tunisia an important partner in the North African region. Executive power… Read More »

What to See in Djerba and Sousse (Tunisia)

Djerba (Tunisia) Djerba is an island in the Mediterranean with an area of 500 km2. It is the southernmost resort in Tunisia. Djerba can be reached by ferry, which takes 10 minutes, or by plane from Tunisia. The coastline of the island, which is mainly a strip of white clean beaches, stretches for 130 km.… Read More »

What to See in Madagascar

Andouani (Elville) (Madagascar) The city of Andouani (Elville) is the capital of the island of Nosy Be, which is located off the northwestern coast of Madagascar. Nosy Be Island is the most popular beach resort in Madagascar. Nosy Be area – 321 sq. km. Tourists love this island for its fun atmosphere – there are… Read More »

What to See in Awasa and Bahir Dar (Ethiopia)

Awasa (Ethiopia) According to SHOPAREVIEW, the resort town of Awasa is located on the shores of the lake of the same name, about 300 km south of Addis Ababa. It is the main starting point for traveling around the lake edge of the Ethiopian Rift Zone. On Lake Awasa itself, you can go fishing, boating… Read More »

Cities in Egypt

Taba (Egypt) Taba is located on the shores of the Gulf of Aqaba in the south of the Sinai Peninsula on the border with Israel. The city occupies an area of only 1 sq. km. Until 1989, Taba was an Israeli enclave. Now it belongs to Egypt again, the borders are open here, when you… Read More »

Cities in Ethiopia

Hamedela (Ethiopia) According to POLITICSEZINE, the village of Hamedela is located in the northeastern part of Ethiopia in the Danakil Desert near the border with Eritrea. In its vicinity is the lowest place on the African continent (116 m below sea level). Among other things, this is the hottest place on Earth in terms of… Read More »

Hurghada (Egypt)

Hurghada is located on the Red Sea coast, 500 km southeast of Cairo. This is a world-class tourist center with modern, well-equipped hotel complexes and excellent infrastructure. Hurghada in Arabic sounds different – Gardaka. The city grew out of the small fishing village of Es-Sakkal. The transformation of Hurghada into a world resort began in… Read More »

Uganda in the 1970’s

Formerly a British protectorate, an independent state since 1962 within the Commonwealth, it has been a federal republic since 8 September 1967. On 236,860 km 2 of territory (of which 39,450 of inland waters), at the 1969 census there were 9,548,847 residents. (40 residents / km 2), very irregularly distributed, with a sharp increase compared… Read More »

Ivory Coast Cinematography

CINEMATOGRAPHY Unlike in other African countries, in Ivory Coast d’A. (French colony since 1893, independent since 1960) cinema has not been able to count on state aid: governments (strongly authoritarian) have always followed a liberal economic policy, making the country a kind of ‘showcase’ of African capitalism. Cinema suffered from competition with Radiodiffusion télévision ivoirienne,… Read More »