King Farouk 1
North Africa

History of Egypt Part 2

Modernization and expansion (1805-1914) Muhammad Ali Pasja consolidated power and expanded economically and militarily. He neutralized or eliminated his political opponents, especially the Mamluks, while the army was strengthened. A marine and merchant fleet was built, and so was industry, not least geared to military needs. A textile industry was founded to make use of […]

The Suez Canal
North Africa

History of Egypt Part 1

Egypt’s history here revolves around the time from the division of the Roman Empire in 395 until the revolution in 1952. Egypt was conquered by the Roman Empire around the year 30. Around the middle of the fourth century AD, Roman Egypt was largely Christianized and after the Roman Empire divided in 395 Egypt was […]

Muhammad Ali Mosque, Cairo
North Africa

Attractions in Cairo

Attractions in Cairo Bab Zuwayla The south gate of the Bab Zuwayla city wall is the only remnant of the Fatimid city of el-Qahira. Executions took place here during the Mameluke period, but in the 19th century it gained a more favorable reputation when Saint Mitwalli, who was based here, performed miracles near the gate.┬áTo […]