What to Do if My Luggage is Damaged?

By | November 21, 2019

Even on a trip to relax, headaches can happen. So know what you should do if your luggage is damaged on the flight.

Between comings and goings at the most different airports – whether international or national – there are the luggage of thousands of passengers. Screening is standard anywhere in the world: you dispatch it, it passes security checks, and then you only see it again in the wake of the landing.

What to Do if My Luggage is Damaged

That’s where sometimes an unpleasant surprise comes up: your luggage has been damaged. The reasons are not always clear, but one thing is certain: you have a right to complain and you can have the damage repaired by the company.

Want to know how to file a claim for damage to your suitcase and where to start? So come with us that we will explain to you in this text!

I noticed a malfunction in my bag: now what?

The first step to avoid problems is just the precaution. Before you travel, take a picture of every detail of your bag: casters, structure, fabric and also the contents… These details can be used as evidence of the airline’s resistance to check for damage or theft.

But then you just landed at the airport and headed straight for the Arrivals Hall. As your bags roll on the treadmill, you see what belongs to you and find that there is damage – or even a violation of luggage. What to do at this time?

Enjoy that you are already in the Arrivals area and look for a representative of the airline you traveled with. Report to him about the damage he has noticed and request a protest.

BLUE: How to proceed with damaged luggage

AZUL requests passengers with damaged luggage to protest immediately after their flight. On domestic flights, the return of the company is in 7 days. For internationals, there are 21. The company also places a maximum refund ceiling for passengers, in the amount of R $ 1,131.00. The deposit is made within 7 days after sending the bank details.

GOL: How to report damaged luggage

GOL asks passengers to take their damaged luggage to the airline’s window, preferably immediately after disembarkation. The company itself will check the malfunction to determine its repair or replacement.

LATAM: Damaged Baggage Procedures

Like other airlines, LATAM requests that the passenger make the request for baggage damage after disembarkation. However, it also has a Whatsapp channel for those who notice the damage of the suitcase later, within up to 7 days of travel.

What is protest?

A protest is a kind of petition to record damage to your luggage, made in writing on a form provided by the company itself. In it, which is called the Baggage Irregularity Record (RIB), it records what and where it was damaged so that the company can budget or check if it is better to buy a new baggage.

If you notice damage or theft after leaving the airport, you have seven days to file a claim at the airline ticket window. This deadline is set by ANAC and, once it has expired, it is not possible to complain.

How long does the company have to repair my damaged luggage?

From the date of your petition, the airline has seven more days to repair the damaged bag or to give you another equivalent. Depending on the size of the damage, it is possible that the company will lend you a suitcase to carry your items.

If the company does not proceed correctly, it is recommended that you file a direct request with ANAC for the deal to be done correctly. You will need your flight number, locator and your personal information.