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By | August 17, 2022

Mauritius (Republic) is an island nation in the southwestern Indian Ocean, 900 km east of Madagascar and 3,000 km east of Africa. The state consists of the islands of Mauritius, Rodrigues, Agalega and the Cargados Carajos archipelago (Cargados Carajos, also known as the rocks of St. Brandon. This is a group of islets and a coral reef in the Indian Ocean located 300 km northeast of the island of Mauritius. The total area is 1, 3 sq. km ).

The Republic of Mauritius is one of the most prosperous states in the region. The country is ruled by a president through a unicameral parliament. There is no army in this state, but three main sectors of the economy are actively developing. This is the production of cane sugar, the textile industry and tourism – the three pillars of the well-being of Mauritius. This country is a free economic zone and is one of the most prestigious resort places on our planet. Many first-class hotels have been built here. Thanks to the excellent ecology and amazing nature, the inflow of investment into the tourism business of Mauritius is growing every year.

According to TOPB2BWEBSITES, Mauritius is a fabulous island with a wide strip of white sandy beaches, where the crests of the waves break on coral reefs that guard calm bays with soft turquoise water. The deep blue ocean rages around the island. The landscape of the island is striking in its diversity – mountains, forests, extinct volcanoes, picturesque rocks, plains, unique reserves, numerous waterfalls and lakes, coral reefs and sandy beaches. The tropical vegetation of the island is distinguished by unique trees: bread, sausage and bottle trees.

Palm trees are blooming everywhere and orchids are fragrant. The main crop cultivated in Mauritius is sugar cane. Under his plantations, beautiful tropical forests were cut down, which now occupy only a third of the country’s territory. Now several reserves are organized and protected by law on the island. A few cities organically fit into this unique landscape. Port Louis and Mahebourg, cities with private one-story houses, Indian temples and multi-colored women’s saris. All this makes up the unique flavor of the island. an island of volcanic origin in the Indian Ocean, 850 km east of Madagascar. The area is 1850 km2.

Information service – 90.
Order of international negotiations – 10-091.
Central Bureau of Tourism (Port Louis) – 211-91-27, 211-62-55, 208-52-41, 208-52-42, 208-63-97, 637-36-35.

Rescue service (police, firemen, ambulance) – 999.
Ambulance – 114.
Police – 208-70-13/20.
Fire protection – 995.

Time from November to March is ahead of Moscow by 1 hour, from April to October there is no difference.

The capital is Port Louis (the international airport is located on the opposite side of the island from the capital). The official language is English (the official languages ​​on the island are English and French, although the local population most often speaks Creole, which was formed on the basis of French). Religion – Hinduism. Currency – Mauritian rupee (US dollar is approximately equal to 28 rupees, euro – 32 rupees). Bank holidays in Mauritius are Saturday and Sunday.

about. Mauritius is part of the republic. This uninhabited island was discovered in 1510 by the Portuguese and was named after one of the Sishna ships.

The climate is tropical. The southeast trade winds, in which Mauritius is located, moderate the intense heat and make the humid climate easily bearable. There are two seasons: warm from April to October and hot and humid from November to March. However, this is not at all like multi-day downpours on the continents during pronounced rainy seasons. The weather can change several times during the day: short-term showers, bright sun or overcast skies with drizzling rain quickly replace each other, giving a variety of experiences and softening the summer heat.
The island of volcanic origin lies in the path of tropical cyclones, which annually in February-March bring heavy winds (220 km / h) and heavy rains with floods to the island. Temperature +35 in summer, +10*С in winter.

Mauritius has a tropical monsoonal climate. Wet season – December-May, dry season – September-November. Despite its remoteness, Mauritius is very popular with European tourists. This is one of the most expensive resorts along with the Maldives and the Seychelles.

The visa is stamped in the passport upon arrival for a period of 15 days. If necessary, it can be extended. The passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry. Airport tax upon departure – 17 dollars.

Tourists about Mauritius

The island of Mauritius is one of the most exotic places on Earth. Mauritius is an island in the Mascarene Islands group, washed by the waters of the Indian Ocean. The area of ​​the island is 1865 square kilometers, length – 58 km, width – 47 km.

Mauritius is the standard of exotic holidays. It has a warm, always calm sea, a healthy climate and the most luxurious hotels in the tropics.

There are two periods in Mauritius – winter, from April to September (at night – about 17 degrees, during the day – 23), and summer, from October to March (at night 25, during the day about 30 degrees, water temperature – about 25 degrees.

Since the discovery of the island in the 16th century, numerous ethnic groups have gradually settled here: immigrants from India and Pakistan, Chinese, Creoles, Africans, Europeans and Madagascars. The mixing of races and peoples led to a huge number of holidays. The official language is English, but the most widely spoken is French.

Currently, the island’s main sources of income are sugar cane, the textile industry and tourism.

The island can be conditionally divided into 4 parts. The northwest coast is the warmest. Along this coast, up from the capital of the island of Port Louis, stretch the famous snow-white beaches of Mauritius. On the West Coast, highlands and the sea, green slopes and the longest beaches have something in common with each other. The southern coast originates in the far west at Morne Brabant, a magnificent mountain range 550 m high, rising above the blue lagoons.

The beaches around Morne Brabant are extraordinarily beautiful, and the underwater fauna is very diverse. The east coast is an ideal place for surfers, especially in summer when dry southeast winds are especially strong. Here, the rocky coast is suddenly abruptly replaced by endless beaches. Fans of mountain walks will be able to climb the dormant volcano Kanaka Crater.

On the island you will be offered to make exciting excursions. It is best to start your acquaintance with the island from its capital – Port Louis, where it is interesting to see historical buildings and colorful spice markets. The world’s oldest botanical garden, Pamplemousses, with its giant water lilies and other natural wonders, and the Orchid Garden are worth a visit. It is better to go to the colonial estate Domaine Les Pailles in the morning. You will see sugar plantations and spice gardens, and at the old trading post you will be offered an appetizing lunch and a glass of rum – to the national sega music.

On a trip along the east coast, admire the panorama of the island from the crater of an extinct volcano Trou aux Cerfs, visit the sacred lake Grand-Bassin with Hindu temples. In Mauritius, you can buy fine jewelry with fine cut gemstones at prices 40% lower than in Europe.

Tourists about Mauritius