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Economy of Zimbabwe

According to businesscarriers, Zimbabwe is one of the most developed in Africa, but since 1999 it has been in a state of crisis, marked by a decline in production in almost all industries. In 2000, GDP fell by 4.2%, in 2001 by another 7.3%, and in 2002 a further fall of 5-10% was expected. In… Read More »

Tourist Guide to Zimbabwe

The capital Harare is the largest city in the country (about 1.6 million people), which is also its cultural and industrial center. Population About 16.1 million people 98% of the country’s population are ethnic groups speaking Bantu languages. The largest ethnic group in the country is the Shona, which makes up 70% of the total… Read More »

Zimbabwe Arts and Literature

Literature In the Ndebele and Shona languages ​​there are various forms of oral literature. Christian missionaries helped develop a writing language. The first novel on the shona is Solomon Mutswairo’s “Feso” (1956). Literature in English first paid tribute to European imperialism, but soon there was a backlash that revealed the colonization as a danger to… Read More »

Zimbabwe Sightseeing Places

Visa requirements Passport: is generally required for travel to Zimbabwe, the passport must be valid for one month after the stay. Visa: Generally required Citizens of Germany, Austria and Switzerland can get paid visas on arrival for tourist stays of up to 90 days, provided they can show return or onward travel documents and sufficient… Read More »