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Uganda in the 1970’s

Formerly a British protectorate, an independent state since 1962 within the Commonwealth, it has been a federal republic since 8 September 1967. On 236,860 km 2 of territory (of which 39,450 of inland waters), at the 1969 census there were 9,548,847 residents. (40 residents / km 2), very irregularly distributed, with a sharp increase compared… Read More »

Uganda Geography and Language

According to businesscarriers, the Republic of Uganda, a state in East Africa, is located in the equator region between 4 ° N. sh. and 1 ° 30ў S. sh., north of the lake. Victoria. It borders on the west with the Democratic Republic of the Congo ( DRC ), on the north with Sudan,in the… Read More »

Uganda Economy Overview

ECONOMY: INDUSTRY AND MINERAL RESOURCES Industry, while employing just 4.2% of the active population, participates for over 25% in the formation of the national product (2008). The industrial apparatus operates above all in the transformation of local agricultural products: breweries, tobacco factories, oil mills, sugar refineries, cotton mills, etc.; There are also some cement factories… Read More »

Uganda History

Ancient kingdoms Since the 10th century, Bantu-speaking groups formed small agricultural states in what is now Uganda. The Kitara empire was founded around 1350 and extended (starting from Bunyoro ) to what is now northern Rwanda and western Kenya. After its decline and a phase of instability, the Bunyoro Empire expanded from around 1500 and… Read More »

Uganda Arts and Literature

Literature The English-language literature gained its center in the Makerere University through, among other things, Penpoint magazine, founded in 1958, and an important author’s conference in 1962. Several types of literature can be distinguished. Okot p’Bitek’s and his followers’ poems contradict the traditional but especially in the north threatened society, while Barbara Kimenye talks about… Read More »

Uganda Sightseeing Places

Visa requirements Passport: is generally required for trips to Uganda, the passport must be valid for at least 6 months upon entry. Visa: is generally required. Visas can be applied for at the Ugandan embassy responsible before starting the trip. However, entry visas, valid for 30 days, are also issued for a fee of $… Read More »