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Tunisia Economy Overview

The Republic of Tunisia is also known as a popular destination for Czech tourists, it is also the country where the so-called Jasmine Revolution in 2011 started the process of democratization despite security and economic challenges. The cultural and geographical proximity to Europe makes Tunisia an important partner in the North African region. Executive power… Read More »

What to See in Djerba and Sousse (Tunisia)

Djerba (Tunisia) Djerba is an island in the Mediterranean with an area of 500 km2. It is the southernmost resort in Tunisia. Djerba can be reached by ferry, which takes 10 minutes, or by plane from Tunisia. The coastline of the island, which is mainly a strip of white clean beaches, stretches for 130 km.… Read More »

Tunisia General Information

Tunisian Republic. The smallest Arab state in North Africa. The area of ​​Tunisia is 164,000 km2. Religion – Islam. Currency – Tunisian dinar. GEOGRAPHICAL POSITION, NATURE In the south it borders on Libya, in the west – on Algeria, in the north and east it is washed by the Mediterranean Sea. Tunisia is the sacred… Read More »

Tunisia Geography

Only 19% of the land is arable, although 13% of it is irrigated (est. 1993). As a country located in Africa according to EHEALTHFACTS, Tunisia is the smallest country of the Northwest African states and ranks 89th on the list of the largest countries on the planet. It has a total area of ​​164,418 km². Of… Read More »

Tunisia Culture

This cultural mix is typical of many Mediterranean areas, such as the lands of Sicily or the Greek islands with a lot of history, which, like Tunisia, were constantly exposed to merchants, sailors and empires from all over the region. Culturally, Tunisians are a fairly liberal nation. Throughout its history, cultural exchanges with the rest… Read More »

Tunisia History

Tunisia. Whose official name is the Tunisian Republic, it is a country located north of the African Mediterranean coast, whose capital is Tunisia. It is the smallest country in the Maghreb, located between the eastern foothills of the Atlas Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea. Known as Carthage, it was conquered by the Roman Empire when it was defeated in… Read More »

Tunisia Arts and Literature

Literature Francophone In Tunisia, Arabic-language literature flourished both before and after the country’s independence in 1956, while French-language literature had long held an obscure place. Until the 1970’s, Albert Memmi was the only major author in French. But interest in French literature began to grow among the young population as early as the late 1960’s,… Read More »

Tunisia Sightseeing Places

Visa requirements Passport: is generally required when traveling in Tunisia, the passport must be valid during the stay (Austrian passports must be valid for at least 3 months upon entry). Citizens of the following countries can also travel on a package tour (upon presentation of return tickets and hotel vouchers for the duration of their… Read More »