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See cancermatters for Togo political system.

Togo Arts and Literature

Literature Togo was officially French-speaking at the independence of 1960 and the French had been a school language since the 1920’s. The native languages ​​were therefore difficult to assert as literary languages. From the beginning of the 1940’s, however, novels and plays were written on ewe. by Sam Obianim, Kwasi Fiawoo and Y. Seth Akafia.… Read More »

Togo Sightseeing Places

Visa requirements Passport: is generally required for trips to Togo, the passport must be valid for the entire stay in Togo. Visa: Generally required. German citizens need a visa to enter Togo. This can be applied for both at Togo’s representations abroad and when entering the airport. A visa issued at the airport costs CFA… Read More »