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See computerminus for Niger political system.

Niger Arts and Literature

Film Niger, like most African countries, lacks its own film industry. However, the country has produced two talented filmmakers with international reputation, Mustafa Alassanne (born 1942) and Oumarou Ganda (1935–81), both discovered and assisted by the French documentary filmmaker and ethnologist Jean Rouch. In their work, they observe a critical distance from the traditions of… Read More »

Niger Sightseeing Places

Money National currency: 1 CFA (C ommunauté F inancière d ‘ A frique) franc, divided into 100 centimes. Currency abbreviation: CFA Fr, XOF. – ABBREVIATIONFINDER.ORG Banknotes are in circulation of 10,000, 5,000, 2,000, 1,000 and 500 CFA. There are coins in the amounts 500, 250, 200, 100, 50, 25, 10, 5 and 1 CFA Fr.… Read More »


Niger, Republic of the Inland of West Africa. The country is without a coastline and borders Mali in the west, Algeria and Libya in the north, Chad in the east, Nigeria and Benin in the south and Burkina Faso in the southwest. Much of the country is desert and sparsely populated, most of the country’s… Read More »

History of Niger

Archaeological material shows that a large part of the Sahara was inhabited in prehistoric times by communities that operated with cattle keeping. The period between 7500 and 3000 before our time is often called Sahara’s “green period”. This is the same period when Egyptian civilization occurred. But after a long drought some 4000 years ago,… Read More »

Geography of Niger

The Niger bedrock consists mostly of sedimentary rocks from chalk and tertiary, interrupted by granite and basalt plateaus in Aïr (Idoukal-en-Taghès, 2022 masl). Against the Chad Sea, quaternary deposits dominate. The landscape is very flat over large stretches. The Niger River crosses the country in a creek furthest to the west. In the north there… Read More »