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See cancermatters for Mozambique political system.

Economy of Mozambique

With the help of foreign specialists, a program is being implemented to revive cotton plantations in the north of the country. Under their leadership, farmers grow cotton on rented plots and hand over the harvest to the state company. Sugarcane is one of the few cash crops that has exceeded pre-war levels. Another new and… Read More »

Mozambique Territory and Cities

TERRITORY: MORPHOLOGY Over 40% of the territory is made up of coastal alluvial plains and reliefs below 300 meters. The remainder presents the geological structure typical of the African continent, tabular, rigid, without corrugations, affected by deep fractures: in the northern section, which represents the direct continuation of the East African plateaus, it is extinguished… Read More »

Mozambique Arts and Literature

Literature The Portuguese colonial power’s attempt to eradicate the indigenous cultural traditions became unsuccessful, and many who had been assimilationists returned to their African culture and found literary expression for it. The newspaper O Brado Africano founded by black journalists in 1918 (‘The African Protest Troop’) meant a great deal to national identity, as did… Read More »

Mozambique Sightseeing Places

Visa requirements passport is generally required for trips to Mozambique, the passport must be valid for at least 6 months upon entry. visa is generally required for tourists and business travelers. Mozambique no longer issues visas at the border for travelers from countries that have a Mozambican representation. If there is a Mozambican embassy or… Read More »