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Music Professional musicians, known by the Moors as iggiw and by groups of Sudanese descent gawlo or gesere, are all comparable to griots (see griot). The instruments are usually of Arab origin, e.g. the edge-blown flute zaouzaya or the flute type nefara, both of which are used for entertainment purposes. Among the stringed instruments of […]

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Money National currency: 1 Mauritanian Ouguiya divided into 5 Khoums. Next to Madagascar, Mauritania is the only country that deviates from the decimal system in terms of currency. Currency abbreviation: UM, MRO¬†– ABBREVIATIONFINDER.ORG Banknotes are in circulation with a value of 1,000, 500, 200 and 100 UM, coins are available in nominal amounts of 20, […]