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See cancermatters for Comoros political system.

Comoros Travel Overview

GENERAL Official name of the state Islamic Federal Republic of Comoros. Capital Moroni. Geography According to a2zgov, the Comoros archipelago is located in the Indian Ocean, northwest of Madagascar. It consists of four main islands of volcanic origin surrounded by coral reefs: Njazidja (Grande Comore), Nzwani (Anjouan) and Mwali (Moheli). Mahore (Mayotte), which is under‚Ķ Read More »

Comoros Sightseeing Places

Visa requirements Passport: is generally required for travel to the Comoros, all entry documents must be valid for at least 6 months and for the planned stay in the Comoros. Visa: Generally required, a tourist visa can be issued on arrival at the international airport on Grande Comore. This can be issued with a validity‚Ķ Read More »