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Travel to Chad

Entry and residence regulations German citizens need a valid entry visa to enter Chad, which can be applied for at the Chadian embassy with their ambassador Mariam Ali Moussa in Berlin. The passport must be valid until the end of the trip and a yellow fever vaccination is compulsory for everyone aged 9 months and… Read More »

Chad Culture

Arts and crafts Art and traditional handicrafts play an important role both in everyday life and in people’s religious life. Evidence of artistic forms of expression can be proven above all in the Tibesti and Ennedi Mountains up to Neolithic times through impressive and well-preserved rock paintings. The blacksmiths, who belong to the Haddad’s own… Read More »

Chad Everyday Life

Currency: CFA franc BEAC Exchange rate: 656 per 1 € (fixed) Time zone: UTC + 1 Country code (phone): 00235 Climate (for capital): Dry savanna climate (semi-arid) Housing and supply The supply conditions and possibilities depend very much on the location in the country. In N’Djaména you can get supplies according to European (mainly French)… Read More »

Chad Gender and Education

Gender relations Social and religious framework conditions and influences have a decisive influence on the situation of women in Chad. When many men emigrated or could not find work during the civil war, women were forced to develop new strategies to ensure the family’s survival. A change in gender relations was the result. Since the… Read More »

Chad Society

Alphabetized adults: 22.3% (2016, estimated) Major religions: Islam 53%, Christianity 34% Urban population: 23% (2017, estimated) Life expectancy (female / male): 54.5 / 52 years (2017, estimated) Gender Inequality Index: Rank 160 of 162 (2018) Number of births: 4.34 / woman (2017, estimated) Infant mortality: 75.2 / 1000 live births (2017, estimated) Macrosocial structure The… Read More »

Chad Development Policy

Poverty and Poverty Reduction Since 1998, Chad has been cooperating with the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund in the context of poverty reduction and structural adjustment programs. Since May 2001 he had qualified for admission to the circle of HIPC countries (Heavily Indebted Poor Countries). To this end, Chad published a Poverty Reduction… Read More »

Chad Economic Policy and Foreign Trade

Economic policy The country’s economic policy has been severely affected by the ongoing political instability. Since 1998, Chad has been cooperating under pressure from the World Bank and with its help within the framework of economic reform programs aimed at privatization, liberalization and various sector programs. However, due to non-fulfillment by the Chadian side, these… Read More »

Chad Economic Sectors

Agriculture Around 80% of the workforce is still active in agriculture, with only 3-4% of the country’s area being used for arable farming. However, agriculture, which is largely geared towards subsistence, only covers national self-sufficiency in rainy years. Due to a lack of funds and a lack of know-how, simple, traditional cultivation methods dominate agriculture.… Read More »

Chad Economy

Estimated GDP (2018): 11.5 billion euros Per capita income (purchasing power parity), 2018: US $ 1716 Human Development Rank (HDI): Rank 187 (out of 189), 2018 Proportion of poverty (less than $ 2 per day): 80% Distribution of income (Gini coefficient), 2011: 43.3 Economic Transformation (BTI): Rank 118 of 137 (2020) Economic structure According to… Read More »

Chad International Relationships

The country in a regional and international context Mali: Chadian troops have been supporting the French and Malian units since February 2013 (MINUSMA) in securing northern Mali after the withdrawal of the Islamists. Sudan: Relations with the eastern neighbor Sudan are very complex and have become considerably more complicated in recent years, especially due to… Read More »