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Benin Everyday Life

Everyday life in Benin – at home The population of Benin is growing rapidly. The families are big. There are many children and often other relatives or even children of friends live in the house. Every woman in Benin has almost five children on average. Overall, there are many more children and young people than… Read More »

Benin Wildlife and Economy

Animals and Plants What is growing in Benin? A wide variety of landscapes stretch across Benin. Coconut, palmyra and oil palms grow on the coast in the south. There is no dense rainforest in Benin. But trees grow on the banks of the rivers, the gallery forests. The liver sausage tree is also native there.… Read More »

Benin Music

Music Benin can be divided musically into a southern and a northern region. In the south, where the Aja- and Yoru-speaking peoples created a series of kingdoms, court music traditions, including epic “long song” and tribute music, live on royal instruments such as lianar bark flutes, ivory horns and drums. The region exhibits a wealth… Read More »

Benin Sightseeing Places

Visa requirements Passport: is generally required for trips to Benin, this must be valid for at least 3 months when leaving the country Visa: also generally required Period of validity: Entry within three months after issuing the visa Application: In person or by post at the consulate or at the consular section of the embassy.… Read More »