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Economy of Angola

The civil war that lasted a quarter of a century destroyed the country’s economy. Plantations, railways, highways, factories, power lines were destroyed. The only productive industries remained the oil and diamond industries. In 2001, GDP in consumer prices amounted to 13.3 billion US dollars, i.e. $1,330 per capita. The working-age population is estimated at 5… Read More »

Angola Ethnic Groups Part 2

N’ganguela group Spread over two territories, one on the eastern border and the other on the upper reaches of the Cubango River. Agriculture in the rainy season, cattle raising, lake fishing and beekeeping are the main economic activities. The best known n’ganguela subgroup is the luena, ancient lunda-kiocos that adopted the language of the n’ganguelas and received strong… Read More »

Angola Ethnic Groups Part 1

The vast majority of the roughly 12,000,000 residents that make up Angola’s population come from peoples of Bantu origin. Another component arises from the mixture that occurred very early; first among the various groups that arrived in the territory, and later with Europeans (mostly Portuguese) during the period of colonization. There are also some non-Bantu minorities, such… Read More »

Angola History

The current territory of Angola has been inhabited since the Lower Palaeolithic, it has seen throughout its history a large number of population movements, with successive waves of Bantu peoples pushing south the primitive indigenous people of non-Bantu origin, the Khoi. -san, today reduced to a population of less than ten thousand people. These migrations occurred more… Read More »

Angola State Overview

According to ESTATELEARNING, Republic of Angola is a country of the central African gaining independence from Portugal in 1975. It has great natural resources that it has not been able to fully exploit in its development due to the long civil war in which it was immersed from shortly before independence until the first decade of the 21st century. It… Read More »

Angola Arts and Literature

Literature Angola’s modern literature got its breakthrough in the 1950’s with José Luandino Vieira. Prosaists such as Vieira and Uanhenga Xito and lyricists such as Agostinho Neto (president 1975–79), Geraldo Bessa Victor and Mário António have depicted Angola’s class differences. Among the most important writers of Angola in recent decades are Pepetela (pseudonym of Artur… Read More »

Angola Sightseeing Places

Visa requirements Passport: is generally required for travel in Angola. The passport must be valid for at least 6 months after the length of stay and contain two blank pages. Visa: is generally required, except for Cape Verde nationals. Here you can download the visa application for Angola. Transit: Transit travelers who fly on the… Read More »