Marsa Alam, Egypt

By | February 1, 2023

According to ALLCITYCODES, the former fishing village of Marsa Alam intends to proudly bear the title of a high-class international resort in the near future – the construction of four- and five-star hotels is in full swing here, the coastline stretches as much as 70 kilometers. Some of the hotels are already ready to receive their tourists-divers. Yes, it is divers who make up the main contingent of local vacationers: they are attracted by the indescribable beauty of untouched coral wealth, hiding under the thickness of transparent turquoise waters. All life in the resort is in full swing behind the hotel fence, there is no infrastructure in the village itself yet. Therefore, lovers of clubs and noisy parties are clearly not here. But Marsa Alam is the place for those who appreciate sparsely populated beaches, the opportunity to admire the still fearless inhabitants of the sea waters and live in brand new rooms of freshly built hotels.

How to get to Marsa Alam

Flight to Hurghada, then transfer for about three hours or flight to the local airport.

Recently, the resort opened an international airport, which allows you to get here by direct flight, and not through Hurghada.

Entertainment and attractions of Marsa Alam

Wadi Hammamat is one of the first places to visit for any tourist. The stunningly beautiful valley is the shortest route from Thebes to the Red Sea. Once upon a time, endless strings of trade caravans walked along this land, now the main interest is caused by rock paintings and inscriptions on stones, which have no analogues anywhere. The earliest inscription was made in 2321-2287. BC e. A trip to the valley will cost 30 USD.

The famous temple complex Abu Simbel, located on the banks of the Aswan reservoir, has a special romance of time. Temples are open from 6.00 to 17.00, entrance costs 160 LE. Inspection of the legendary Great Temple with four colossi in front of its facade, the Temple of Hathor, carved into the rock during the reign of Ramesses II, will bring a lot of impressions. The main thing is not to miss the light and sound show “Sound and Light”, which takes place in one of eight languages, depending on which language is preferred by the majority of the audience.

In the depths of the desert, 145 km from the resort, there is the tomb of Sayad al-Shazli, and the majestic city of Luxor awaits tired wanderers not far away. Walking in the Arabian Desert on a jeep, on horseback or camels will add a lot of new knowledge about the nature of Egypt to your file cabinet. Shady oases will help to rest and recover a little from the heat. Another great walking route is the natural area of ​​the Wadi Himal, stretching 85 kilometers from the coast deep into the continent. This reserve is home to gazelles and beautiful birds.

2 things to do in Marsa Alam

  1. Swim with dolphins in the open sea at the Sha’ab Samadai reef, known as the “Dolphin House” and located 18 km south of the shore of Wadi Lakhmi bay, 115 km south of Marsa Alam.
  2. Take an extreme 3-hour quad bike ride. It costs 60 USD per person.

Sea trips

Enjoy the natural beauties and at the same time visit the main attractions of Marsa Alam with a promenade on a comfortable boat on Lake Nasser. MS departs from Aswan every Monday and every Friday from Abu Simbel. Eugene; no Saturdays from Aswan and Wednesdays from Abu Simbel MS. Kasr Ibrim. The cruise lasts 3 days. The cost of a cabin is from 60 USD to 135 USD per person per day.

For 25 USD in Abu Dabab you can see giant tortoises and dugongs (sea cows). However, most of the hotels organize trips to this bay for free.

A yacht trip along the route from Hamata to the Kulan Islands for 150 USD per person will give you the opportunity to dive off the coast of four islands. The whole day spent in the fresh sea air will give you a boost of energy for a long time. Particularly active tourists will love the prospect of a two-day trip to Israel to visit Jerusalem and the Dead Sea. This pleasure costs 300 USD per person. True, it is more profitable to leave from Nuweiba or Taba.

Diving in Marsa Alam

According to divers, the underwater fauna of Marsa Alam surpasses even the Ras Mohammed National Marine Reserve. Therefore, it is here that the most powerful diving center in the region operates, and each hotel has its own diving school.

The reefs of Marsa Alam are like a sweet cherry on top of the cake. A huge variety of these amazing marine plants will amaze the imagination and pretentiousness of any marine painter.

The reef Shaab Ras Turumbi, which is 73 km north of Marsa Alam, has a triangular shape, within its walls there are several large and many small caves. Shaab Abu Dabbab, the largest and most inland reef, 35 km to the north, is a barrier reef. The large isolated reef Elfinstone, located 12 km from the coast against the bay of Mars Tarafi, is considered one of the best places for “wall” diving. The rich world of marine life attracts many divers who are eager to meet sharks, barracudas and rays.

Malacca, a small reef near Marsa Alam, is the best dive site for beginner divers.

Shaab Radir el Bar is the closest reef to the coast, a habitat for large moray eels, whitetip sharks, and large turtles. At the Shaab Abu Galawa reef, the sunken Egyptian tugboat Tinstin modestly moored, which wrecked here in the mid-50s. Exotic lovers can go to the Zabargad reef area, where it is most interesting to dive at night. The maximum depth of this reef is only 25 meters, but there you can see unique green corals, crocodile fish and octopuses.

Malacca, a small reef near Marsa Alam, is the best dive site for beginner divers. It boasts complex coral architecture that allows you to move through the tunnels in the company of sharks, rays and turtles. Underwater visibility along the reef – 30 m.

The cost of diving equipment is about 330 EUR for 17 dives or you have to pay 220 EUR for 7 days with unlimited dives, but it all depends on the diving club and its pricing policy.

Marsa Alam, Egypt