Marrackech – Morocco’s Fairytale City

By | May 19, 2021

If you travel to Morocco, you get to experience a special environment that is like a completely different culture. In Morocco there are both mountains and deserts. The Atlas Mountains tower in the middle of the mountainous central parts of the country and further east you will find the vast Sahara Desert, the world’s largest desert that has almost no end.

In the more western and central parts of the country, a number of miles from the Atlantic coast city of Agadir, lies Marrakech, which is a very exciting destination. Marrakech is a perfect starting point for you who want to experience even more of Morocco. From there you can make excursions and hike in the Atlas Mountains or instead get through the desert, either more modern with a quad bike or by experiencing what it feels like to rock forward on a camel’s back. The reason why camels rock forward is that they lift on both legs to the right or left at a time, they do not gallop with the front legs and hind legs as a horse does.

Marrackech - Morocco's fairytale city

According to ejinhua, Marrakech typically has African environments and of course also a Moroccan food culture that is worth trying. The environments in Marrakech include walls with blue mosaics and other colorful buildings. The heat in Marrakech is intense and going there in the middle of the Swedish summer may not be recommended because the average temperature during the month of July is 36 degrees! Marrakech has become known as the “pink fairytale city” and that is because there are powder pink walls consisting of sandstone that frame this exciting city. The city was founded in the 1000s by a desert people called the Berbers. The city is a desert city located a bit into the desert, nearby and at the foot of the mountain range High Atlas. Going out to the city of Marrakech – or at least the oldest parts of an old city – is really like going to another world. Here, parts of the buildings stretch back almost twice as far in time as the Old Town in Stockholm. On the square Djemaa el Fna, or Gycklarnas torg, there is everything from fortune tellers to storytellers and enchanters. Such as one might think are stereotypes that exist on film and existed in the past in the world but which survive. There are also tall minarets, towers for prayer euphoria, and many dome buildings as well as the Koutobia Mosque which is 77 meters high. With its 77 meters above sea level, it becomes a landmark for those who get lost in the hustle and bustle of the old city. Parts of the old city can almost look like labyrinths, with narrow corridors and shops where piles of spices, carpets in many different colors,

After such a trip characterized by many experiences and emotional expressions, you may become a little tired and want to recharge your batteries, and you probably do best by cooling off in a pool at a hotel or taking part in Moroccan cuisine. There are many good things to try, such as meat stews or couscous. The influences from French cuisine can also be found in the form of puff pastry pies and taverns of the best kind that build on French cuisine. So prepare yourself with many Dirhams, the local currency, so that you can afford to both shop for all exotic goods and experience the exciting restaurants. In addition to restaurants, there is also plenty of street food to buy and eat your fill.

Marrakech most popular hotels

Marrakech most popular hotels

When you go on holiday to Marrakech, one thing will be exactly as it is wherever you choose to travel to. Here we are talking about the range of hotels, which to begin with is huge, while it is also very varied. In Marrakech you will want to find exactly the way to stay on holiday that you want. What is exactly the same as all other places is that there are the hotels and accommodations that become more popular than others, which can then be a reason to choose just these. Here you will always guarantee yourself that there are always more tourists to hang out with when it’s time to relax in the evenings.

Here you will always benefit from booking your hotel before you travel, as otherwise it can be very difficult to get to a place you do not know and find the right accommodation on bounce. You simply take your time and book your accommodation online before heading to Marrakech. Below you will find a small taste of three of the most popular hotels for tourists visiting Marrakech.

Imperial Holiday Hotel & Spa

This beautiful hotel and spa is stunningly located just 1.4 km from central Marrakech. The best thing about this hotel is the large pool and the entire courtyard that encloses it. Something else will of course be the very delicious and varied breakfast that is served to all guests every morning. Here there will also be an indoor pool, and the rooms offered are of a very high standard for a very good price. At this hotel, two people in a double room will be able to stay from a price of as little as around SEK 500 per night. Completely unbeatable for those traveling on a smaller budget.

Riad Dar Palmyra

This beautiful and wonderful hotel is located about 1.1 km from the center of Marrakech. Here, however, it will not matter, as you can easily get to and from the hotel with their own regular transport they offer their guests. Of course you will be offered a swimming pool while you will find a very good breakfast every morning. However, when choosing this hotel you will not find anything that can be classified as a restaurant or bar. Here, however, it will not do anything, as it will make you step outside the door and experience the enchanted Moroccan life in the traditional restaurants.

Riad Chergui

Here you will make the choice of one of Marrakech’s most beautiful hotels. This hotel has an adorable beautiful garden with pool and fantastic amenities. Here you will also be the one who is in the middle of central Marrakech. Here you have 2 km to the train, 5 km to the plane and only 15 minutes to the famous Majorelle Garden. Here you will find in the hotel lots of different rooms, bar, restaurant and free transport to and from the airport. The price during the high season for two people in a double room is between 900-1100 kronor.