Makadi Bay, Egypt

By | February 8, 2023

The only resort in Egypt that was created exclusively for guests of the country, not inhabited by local residents, Makadi Bay is distinguished by quiet blissful calm, despite the fact that 30 km from it, colorful Hurghada thunders with all the languages ​​of the planet.

The resort is mainly focused on a secluded, relaxing holiday, as well as holidays with children. It may seem boring for young people here: all bars, restaurants, discos, etc. are concentrated only on the territory of hotels.

All entertainment is enclosed in the shackles of hotels, tourists are happy to break away at the parties of the El Khan disco club. The Docker Bar is also popular, so it’s always crowded here at night.


According to bridgat, Makadi Bay is a new promising tourist area located on the Red Sea coast. So far, the hotels built here are administratively part of Hurghada, but in the next 5-10 years this stretch of coast will develop into a separate resort with its own infrastructure. Together with its neighbour, the Soma Bay resort, it will make up the resort area of ​​Abu Makadi. Makadi Bay is considered one of the most respectable resorts on the coast and offers holidays in 4-5 * hotels, and a very decent, and not only by Egyptian standards, level. The main food system here is “all inclusive”.

All resort hotels are built in the same ensemble, so walking around the hotel town, built up with chic buildings, expensive boutiques and colorful restaurants, will bring only pleasure and tranquility. There is a striking contrast between the desert, naked and scorched by the African sun, which extends outside the hotel areas, and the lush greenery of hotel gardens, parks and alleys, fragrant with hibiscus, rose, hydrangea and jasmine.

Beaches and diving in Makadi Bay

There are two coral reefs in Makadi Bay. One of the reefs is located directly opposite the central beach, diving to 10-20 m, you can meet mackerel, smart slow rays, dangerous barracudas and gray reef sharks. Of particular interest is the island of Abu Nachish with its surrounding reef (length 1 km). The only thing you need to be prepared for strong undercurrents.

Another favorite of divers is Giftun Island, located near Hurghada. The usual layout: a full day of sunbathing, in between diving and snorkeling in coral reefs. Often, divers try to fulfill an old dream: to find pirate gold bars among the wreckage of sunken ships. There is an abundance of debris here, but gold is still tight.

There are four equipped dive centers on the territory of the resort, where real sea wolves work, ready to share their experience.

Each hotel has its own section of the beach. The beaches are sandy. The entrance to the sea is sandy almost everywhere, and only on the beaches of the Iberotel Makadi Oasis, Iberotel Makadi Beach and Iberotel Makadi Saray Resort hotels will you need special shoes to enter the water.

2 things to do in Makadi Bay

  • Meet the dawn on the shores of an endless sandy beach to see how the African sun licks the purple ridges of the Sinai Mountains with a fiery tongue.
  • Having gone on an excursion to the legendary Luxor, take a walk around the city on a carriage drawn by bay Arabian stallions. An hour of the boardwalk costs about 178 EGP. Don’t forget to take warm clothes, because with the onset of dusk, the cold breath of the desert quickly cools the red-hot stones of the ancient ruins.

Makadi Bay, Egypt