Hurghada (Egypt)

By | June 22, 2022

Hurghada is located on the Red Sea coast, 500 km southeast of Cairo. This is a world-class tourist center with modern, well-equipped hotel complexes and excellent infrastructure.

Hurghada in Arabic sounds different – Gardaka. The city grew out of the small fishing village of Es-Sakkal. The transformation of Hurghada into a world resort began in the 70s. The first hotel opened in 1974, and in the 80s. intensive construction began. Now there are 200 hotels in the city with a length of 40 kilometers, and the same number continues to be built. Hurghada is home to 60 thousand inhabitants, who are mainly engaged in serving tourists. Beaches in Hurghada private and owned by hotels. The resort provides tennis courts, gyms, the opportunity to do any kind of water sports.

According to PHYSICSCAT, the main attraction of Hurghada is the Red Sea. Here, even in winter and in the first half of spring, the water temperature is not lower than 18 degrees. Gradually warming up, in the summer it reaches a thirty-degree mark. Diving enthusiasts will appreciate the underwater world of the Red Sea, which is considered the richest and most colorful in the Northern Hemisphere. The amazing purity and transparency of the water is preserved due to the fact that not a single river flows into it, which would pollute it with sand and silt. Along the entire coast in the Hurghada area stretching barrier reef. However, in many places it was destroyed during the construction of hotels and beaches, so if you are not lucky, you will have to swim to neighboring hotels or take a boat to the coral islands. Hurghada is the best place to learn diving. There are more than a hundred diving centers here, many of which have Russian instructors. Close to Hurghada, a great dive site is located on the east wall of the small island of Giftun, where you can find magnificent coral formations, huge sea fans and black corals with thousands of coral fish and families of deep sea fish. You can also explore the depths of the sea on a submarine. Each descender is given a certificate of an explorer of the ocean expanses as a keepsake.

There are two interesting districts in Hurghada: Sakkala and Dahar, or, as it is called here, “Down Town”. Sakkala is, in fact, the whole of Hurghada 15-20 years ago: several blocks of old buildings, between which children run, bottomless antique shops where you can find everything from an old dagger to a pharaoh’s mummy. “Down Town” is the center of local business life, as well as the focus of all large stores. It makes sense to go there for shopping, which include the famous Egyptian aromatic oils, coffee, jewelry and leather. From Hurghada¬†excursions are organized to the most popular sights of the country: to the pyramids of Giza, to Luxor, to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, to Mount Moses and the monastery of St. Catherine, etc. You can take a jeep safari to a Bedouin village in the Shaib mountains. Here you can also see the gold mine (albeit no longer functioning) and the ruins of the ancient city.

Having been in Hurghada, it is impossible not to visit the eastern castle “1000 and 1 night”. This is an entertaining excursion in the national Egyptian style: with belly dance, folklore show, national drinks and dishes. Here you can smoke a hookah, taste real coffee, visit many souvenir and jewelry shops and shops. Both adults and children will be interested in visiting the Aquarium.

In the evening, tourists are waiting for discos, a casino, an amazingly beautiful light and music show of fountains (at the Golden Five City hotel), restaurants and cafes where you can taste not only meat, but also fish kebabs, and other dishes of Oriental and European cuisine. Most of the most famous restaurants and discos in Hurghada are located on the territory of hotels. in many hotels in the evenings there are performances of dancers and folklore ensembles.

Hurghada (Egypt)