Chad Music

By | August 12, 2020


The contrasts are great between the musical traditions of northern and southern Chad. The Islamic North is dominated by the Teda and Daza folk groups, who have the same musical instrument and make similar boundaries between professional and non-professional music. Only men play the traditional instruments: one- and two-stringed lute and three types of drums.

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In the south, with sara and other folk groups, the music is performed in ensembles consisting of drums, xylophones, horns and various forms of clay pipes with finger holes. Some instruments are used only in ritual contexts, such as winners and gourd water drums.

Since the release from France in 1960, Chad’s popular music has been inspired by both domestic traditional music and Western music. The space-based music style soukous spread from the Congo (Kinshasa) and became popular here as well. With rhythms from southern Chad, the sai music style was also formed, which was popularized by a.k.a. the group Tibesti. Famous artists from Chad include Alhadji Ahmat Pecos, Maître Gazonga (really Ahmat Saleh Rougalta, 1948–2006) and Talino Manu (really Mahomet Emmanuel Yalim, 1966–2009). One of the few female artists who have had success internationally is Mounira Mitchala (born 1979).

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