Tea harvesting in Rwanda
Central Africa


Rwanda is a republic in Central Africa bordering Uganda in the north, Tanzania in the east, Burundi in the south and the Democratic Republic of Congo in the west. The population consists of hutus, tutsis and twee, but it is debated whether hutus and tutsis are different peoples. Rwanda was a kingdom ruled by an […]

The two people are the original inhabitants of Rwanda
Central Africa

History of Rwanda

You do not know exactly when the first people settled in the area that is today Rwanda, but it was during the first 5000 years after the last ice age 10,000 years ago. The first inhabitants probably belonged to the Twa people. The area was later populated by bantu, first farmers and then cattle owners, […]

Rwanda is a mountainous country with tropical climate
Central Africa

Geography of Rwanda

Rwanda is a plateau and mountain country and is mostly between 1200–4500 meters above sea level. From north to south is high, volcanic mountains at Karisimbi in Virungafjellene reaches up to 4507 m. Karisimbi is one of two still active volcanoes. These mountains form the watershed between the rivers Nile and Congo. West of the […]

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Sharing Africa

The Sharing of Africa is the name by which the division of the African continent became known during the nineteenth century and ended with the Berlin Conference (1884-1885). With the economic growth of England, France, the Kingdom of Italy and the German Empire, these countries wanted to advance Africa in search of raw materials for their industries. […]

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Imperialism in Africa

The European imperialism in Africa took place during the nineteenth century. Until 1876, 10.8% of the African territory was in the possession of settlers. Already in 1900, the European domain corresponded to 90.4%. At first European exploitation was scattered along the coast, with strong trading posts that ensured slave trade. The first large-scale dominations began with France and Great […]

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Africa’s Economy

The economy of Africa is marked by the exploitation of natural resources such as oil, gas and minerals such as gold and diamonds. The continent, however, is the poorest in the world, the result of colonial and neo-colonialist exploitation. Agriculture, tourism, manufacturing and services are still poorly practiced in most African nations. The same is true for the […]

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Stop African Slave Trafficking

The End of African Slave Trafficking was motivated by economic, humanitarian and religious reasons. Throughout the nineteenth century several European nations banned the slave trade and abolished slavery in their colonies due to a change in mentality and the mode of production. Abstract With the consolidation of the Enlightenment and liberalism, the ideas that judged black Africans […]

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African Dances

The African dances are part of the extensive culture of the African continent and represent one of many ways of cultural communication. This kind of manifestation is of utmost importance to its people, and is an essential part of life. It is a way of being always connected with your ancestors and carries a powerful spiritual, emotional and […]