Cairo Restaurants

By | November 2, 2019

Many of the better restaurants, popular with locals and foreigners alike, can be found in international hotels.

The food in Egypt is relatively inexpensive, and for a three-course meal you usually don’t spend more than 35 US $ (without wine).

Imported alcoholic beverages are much more expensive than domestic ones. Taxes and service fees are added to the invoice, often increasing it by 20 to 25%.

The restaurants are listed alphabetically and divided into the following categories:

Expensive (over $ 40),
moderate ( $ 25 to $ 40),
inexpensive (up to $ 25).

It is the average price for a three-course menu for one person, excluding VAT and tip.


The Fish Market

This busy, unsophisticated restaurant is on a large boat on the Nile. The fish, which is served here on two floors, comes directly from the port of Alexandria and is spread out on pieces of ice, with the price per kilo clearly shown. The selection ranges from red mullet to sea bass to Alaska king crab, which are grilled or fried. Good value for money for menus. Reservations are recommended.

Address: Motafara Mn Sharea Mahmoud Mokhtar, Cairo
Phone: (02) 35 70 96 93.

Revolving restaurant

You can enjoy fine French cuisine on the 41st floor of the Grand Hyatt Hotel, overlooking the Nile, while the view sweeps over the city, the river and the pyramids.

As the rotating restaurant is known for its excellent French dishes and its pleasant atmosphere with quiet live music, early booking is recommended. Appropriate clothing for a special evening is expected.

Grand Hyatt Hotel, Garden City, Cairo.

Address: Garden City, Kaser El Nile
Phone: (02) 365 12 34.

The Mughal Room

The Moghul Room at the Mena House Oberoi Hotel on the Pyramids of Giza is considered the best Indian restaurant in Egypt. North Indian dishes are served, and the kebabs and creamy curries are particularly recommended. The decor is traditionally Indian, the music classic.

Address: Pyramids Road, Cairo
Phone: (02) 33 77 32 22.



When it comes to food, Sequoia isn’t known for haute cuisine, but the location and chic decor are unbeatable. Here you can mingle with the young, fashion-conscious Cairo people, settle on white sofas and order meze or even sushi, while a breeze blowing over the Nile cools you down. There is even a map on which you can choose from various fruity hookahs. The Sequoia is particularly nice for summer nights. There is a minimum price on weekends. Reservations are essential.

Address: Abou Al Fada, Cairo
Phone: (02) 332 00 80.

Abou El-Sid

Guests of the extremely popular Abou El-Sid feel like they are traveling back in time when they sit on golden baroque chairs and enjoy local specialties such as Molokhiyya – a type of meat (mostly rabbit) stew named after the slightly bitter-tasting vegetables used in it – eat. The ambience is reminiscent of a thousand and one nights. There is a minimum price for visiting the restaurant, the amount of which you should inquire about.

Address: 157, 26 July Street, Cairo
Phone: (02) 27 35 96 40.


Maison Thomas

Pizzas and thick sandwiches are the figurehead of this popular bistro chain. Maison Thomas is particularly suitable for families with children and party animals, as it is open around the clock and is also very affordable. You can take complete meals here as well as a coffee and a piece of chocolate cake.

Address: 157, 26 July Street, Cairo
Phone: (02) 27 35 70 57.

The Greek Club

This friendly oasis in the busy center offers guests simple meals in a catacomb-like dining room with huge tables. The cuisine is Egyptian with Greek influences and is reasonably priced. Ouzo and local spirits are also available here. The clientele is mixed. There is a minimum price per invoice and a small membership fee.

Address: Motafara Mn Sharea Mahmoud Mokhtar, Cairo
Phone: (02) 25 75 08 22.

Abou Tarek

This is the best restaurant for the traditional Koshary dish, a mix of rice, lentils, noodles and fried onions. It is a simple, filling meal that is served on tin plates. Locals are the main clientele.

Telephone: (02) 25 77 59 35.