5 Must for Tourists in Taghazout

By | May 12, 2021

When it comes to Taghazout, they talk about a tourist city in Morocco. This is basically a small fishing village, located on the Atlantic coast of Morocco north of the small town of Agadir. Here this city is very famous in surf circles as this is one of the perfect places for surfers seen all over the world. In the south, there is what bears the name La South, which is fresh water that literally bubbles out of the rocks. Most people who go to Taghazout on vacation will have sun, swimming and surfing in mind but there will actually be more to see and experience in Taghazout.

5 must for tourists in Taghazout

Below you can read about what the authors of the article think are the 5 must-haves for all the tourists who visit Taghazout.

Surf the waves at Killer Point

Yes, when you are the one who has gone to Taghazout to experience good surfing and wonderful waves, you will not be disappointed. Here you will have to get tough to cope with the high waves that meet it at Killer Point which is a very powerful “point break”. In addition, you will also find many other places where you can surf directly from the beach. To name just one more name, it is about Anchor Point, where you will find fantastic experiences by quickly going through the perfect tunnel waves.

Sun & Bath in Taghazout

As already mentioned in the introduction of this review of Taghazout, it will be a lot about water and sea as well as sun and swimming. When you really want the best beaches to play and sunbathe on, the choice of Taghazout will be the perfect one. Here is this small fishing village located a little north of the more famous city of Agadir, but offers a perfect place for those who want to find lazy days in the sun.

See the genuine Moroccan life

Something that can not get better when you want to see how the genuine life works in a country, is also to visit Taghazout. According to themeparktour, this was a small fishing village. What does it look like then? A pure must is to see and drink in the daily life of everyone who takes their boat out on the water, puts nets and finds the small capital to live on that will take them to another day in the place called paradise.

Tayyu Hiking

This is about adventure and trekking. When it comes to camping trips and excursions in the clean and fantastically beautiful nature, Taghazout will offer much of that product. Here this is a perfect activity that makes one see more of this beautiful country.

Camel riding, Boat trips and off-road vehicles

As in many places in the world, activities are offered in Taghazout. Here you will also find camel riding which can be just as difficult. Otherwise there are boat trips or the opportunity to ride quad bikes. You should choose one of these activities as it is both fun and you can experience a lot at the same time.

Taghazout’s finest beaches

Taghazout's finest beaches

When it comes to Taghazout, it’s a lot about water, sea, beaches and surfing. Yes, it can be said that the average age of all those who travel here every year is about 27-30 years. This means that a whole culture and economy has grown up in Taghazout regarding surfing and everything that belongs to this life. Yes, it means as everyone knows that there will also always be something festive to do at night in this small lovely village with beautiful beaches.

What does it really look like then? What are the most beautiful beaches in Taghazout? Yes, here you can actually choose to see this from the surfer’s side, just to briefly mention about the other things that ordinary sunbathers can enjoy.

Killer Point

When it comes to Killer Point, this is a beach in Taghazout, or part of a beach, where especially surfers go. Here, anyone who wants to expand their equipment for their favorite sport will not have any problems either. The small beach road that runs alongside the water will be filled with just about everything that has to do with surfing. What makes this beach so interesting is that it is the place on the north coast of Africa where you will find the strongest point break in this part of the world.

Anchor Point

Actually, this will be exactly the same beach as Killer point. This is just a matter of them being a little apart as the beach is actually very long. Anchor Point is located in the southern part of the beach and offers fantastic waves. This is where the experienced surfer finds the best possible tunnel waves in Taghazout. Of course, those who want sun and swimming will also find the perfect place for this.

The beach along Taghazout

When talking about the beach along Taghazout, there is really no reason to divide it into several different beaches. This is a small fishing village. This means that the only thing that can stop one from walking from Taghazout to Agadir via the beach road, is that there are some cliffs and possibly a number of houses in the way. In any case, the relatively long beach that you find will suit all visitors.

In the introduction of this article it was mentioned that the average age of the tourists visiting Taghazout is very low. In any case, this does not mean at all that those who are a little older or can even be counted as old will not thrive. As long as you like water, sun and swimming, all types of people will enjoy the fish in the water in Taghazout.

In addition to surfing in Taghazout, there are many other water activities. One of these is snorkeling. Here you will find in some places fantastic coral reefs, which means that even those who are not so daring will find something interesting to do. Something that is also fantastic is to take a walk along the beautiful beach pieces in the evening, and see all those sitting around fires and discussing the waves of the coming day.