5 Must for Tourists in Marrakech

By | May 26, 2021

For tourists traveling to North Africa’s crucible and visiting the colorful Marrakech, be prepared to encounter contrasts in this city that give a feeling of a thousand and one nights. Here are five must-sees that a tourist should experience and experience when visiting the mythical city of Marrakech.


Something that should not be missed is the twilight that descends over Marrakech and see when the sun goes down over beautiful Djemaa el-Fina. Take the opportunity to cook dinner at one of the stalls that offer grilled food. If you sit on the terrace at Café Glacier which is located on a roof, the view is perfect of the spectacle that takes place at the Kautoubia Mosque and on the square in the evening, when it is at its best. Tourists can see snake charmers, henna painters and storytellers who are located below and are a real image of the city.

Visit the souk

Souk means market and at the souk, tourists can find everything between heaven and earth, such as leather goods, carpets, spices, fabrics, argan oils and more. It is a wonderful mix and cacophony of sounds, colors, impressions, goods and scents that you meet when visiting a souk. Do not forget to bargain! These can be found inside the old part of Marrakech.


Be sure to check in at a riad that is a traditional and classic Moroccan house. The riad has a courtyard and there are just over 1,500 riads in Marrakech. You can choose between very simple and spartan riads, while others are exclusive and super luxurious. Most often, these also have a roof terrace that allows you to relax from all the impressions and shopping, just to take it easy for a while and just enjoy the atmosphere.


Marrakech has a number of nightclubs, such as Lotus and Jad Mahal. At these clubs there is a mixed audience and visitors can enjoy various performances, belly dancing and great music from DJs. Then you can dance, socialize and above all have lots of fun all night long.

The mind and the skin

Something no one should miss when visiting this legendary city is to visit a hammam and it belongs to the everyday life of the Moroccans and is very important to them. You can find a hammam in every block of the city, both those that are a little easier, but also those that are extra luxurious. Inside a hammam you are washed and get a massage that is out of the ordinary. When done, you are ready for new sights, such as Yves Saint Laurent’s famous garden. The garden was once created by the French artist Jacques Majorelle.

Concluding remarks

These are just a few must-haves that a tourist should try and visit when visiting Marrakech. Whatever you choose to take part in and visit during your visit to the fabulous city, it is guaranteed to be an experience that is unique and is something completely out of the ordinary. The memories you get as a tourist will not be forgotten in the first place!

Marrakesh beaches

Marrakesh beaches

There are few cities in the world that have so much history and talk around them. Here, of course, this is very much about pure myths where there is no anchoring at all in reality. However, there will be many things that are also true as this is a place with lots of culture, history and lots of strange customs seen from the tourist’s eyes.

Now, however, there is always something that attracts Morocco and Marrakech. This is then the proximity to the sea and the always equally blue Atlantic Ocean. For that reason, it will then be about beaches in Marrakech. Not only beaches but the most beautiful beaches around all of Marrakech. In other words, you who read on will know exactly what it is that suits you on a possible holiday in Morocco and the wonderful city of Marrakech.

The beach in Marrakech

Yes, here you go bit and we actually fool you really well. There is no beach to speak of here, for the simple reason that Marrakech is not at all a rough coast. However, the city is not that far away at all, but there will be very nice beaches close to this mythical city with lots of secrets to discover.

If you then want to live near a beach, you will very easily find hotels and accommodation adjacent to all these lovely and inviting beaches. As Morocco is one of the world’s best places for all those who surf, you who only like sun and swimming, will be the one to share the water with all these daredevils.

The beach in Agadir

If you really want to spend your time on a beach that is not only taken over by surfers, will always make the best choice in Agadir and the beautiful beach adjacent to the city. Here you will find a child-friendly beach, while you will also find that even older visitors are in Agadir.

If you are traveling and living with the whole family, a good choice for accommodation near the beach will be Kenzi Europa, which also offers a water park with pool and water slide in its own area. In that case, you will live in a place close to swimming and that you live only 1.8 km from the center of Agadir.

Sunbathing and swimming in Marrakech

As Marrakech does not have its own beach, you will not be able to swim as a resident of this city. However, there will be very nice hotels where you will always find an inviting pool and wonderful service. When you then want to stay in Marrakech and at the same time be able to get to the beach, you will always be able to find day trips that will only take a couple of hours to travel. This allows you to spend a day on several different beaches near this city, and then take you back to the hustle and bustle of the city center. There you will then find a perfect nightlife and lots of restaurants when hunger sets in.