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What does EIX stand for?

1. Stands for Edison International (EIX) Energy and Utilities Edison International (EIX) is a major American energy company headquartered in Rosemead, California. It is the parent company of Southern California Edison (SCE), which is one of the largest electric utilities in the United States. Company Overview Edison International provides electric power to millions of customers… Read More »

2024 Public Holidays in Trinidad and Tobago

Public Holidays in Trinidad and Tobago 2024 Trinidad and Tobago, a vibrant twin-island nation in the Caribbean, celebrates a variety of public holidays throughout the year. These holidays reflect the country’s diverse cultural heritage, religious traditions, and historical significance. They provide opportunities for Trinidadians and Tobagonians to come together, celebrate, and honor their shared identity.… Read More »

What does CRG stand for?

1. Stands for Coastal Resource Group (CRG) Overview Coastal Resource Group (CRG) refers to organizations or entities dedicated to the management, conservation, and sustainable use of coastal resources. These groups focus on protecting coastal ecosystems, promoting sustainable development, and addressing the impacts of climate change. Objectives Conservation: Protecting coastal habitats and biodiversity. Sustainable Development: Balancing… Read More »