The two people are the original inhabitants of Rwanda
Central Africa

History of Rwanda

You do not know exactly when the first people settled in the area that is today Rwanda, but it was during the first 5000 years after the last ice age 10,000 years ago. The first inhabitants probably belonged to the Twa people. The area was later populated by bantu, first farmers and then cattle owners, […]

Geography of the Seychelles
East Africa North Africa

Geography of Seychelles

Seychelles. Tourism is the main trade route in the Seychelles. The archipelago has many fine beaches and a tropical climate. Here from the island of La Dique. Seychelles consists of two archipelagos. The northern central group is made up of granites and is characterized by narrow coastal stripes with bright, beautiful beaches that surround a […]

Eritrea's Foreign Policy
North Africa

Eritrea’s Foreign Policy

Eritrea is a new independent state in one of Africa’s most strategically and politically and militarily most turbulent regions: the Horn of Africa. Already a few years after the country’s independence in 1993, there was a strained relationship with neighboring countries, especially Ethiopia and Sudan, but partly also Djibouti and Yemen on the other side […]