Egypt Foreign Policy
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Egypt’s Foreign Policy

Egypt has been and remains a key player in the political picture in the Middle East. Egypt was the leading country in the Arab world’s struggle against Israel, and thereby in the Middle East conflict, but entered into a peace treaty with Israel in 1979. Subsequently, Egypt’s role in the Middle East has been less […]

Egypt President
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Egypt Political System

Egypt has been a republic since 1953. The legislative power lies in the National Assembly. The country’s head of state is the president, who appoints the prime minister and government. A great deal of power is gathered in the hands of the President. After the uprising in Egypt in 2011, constitutional issues have long been […]

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City Tours and Excursions in Cairo

City tours Bus tours Hotels usually offer their guests the usual tours, to which i. General The highlights include the Egyptian Museum, the al-Khalili Bazaar, the Pyramids and the Sphinx. Otherwise, tours can be booked at local travel agencies, such as American Express and Misr Travel. Phone: (02) 370 34 11; (02) 393 00 10 Tours There are only a […]