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History of Ancient Egypt Part IV

The New Kingdom (Dynasty 18–20): about 1550–1069 BCE. With the collection of the kingdom under Ahmose 1, we count the beginning of the 18th dynasty and the beginning of the new kingdom. During this period, Egypt for the first time really expanded beyond Egypt’s natural borders, becoming one of the most important powers in the […]

Papyrus Ebers
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Languages ​​and Literature in Ancient Egypt

The ancient Egyptian language The language of Ancient Egypt is called Egyptian or Ancient Egyptian. It died out from the 7th century AD, when it was supplanted by Arabic. Egyptian is related to languages ​​in the Afro-Asian language family that are currently spoken in North and East Africa. Berber and Chad languages, and the Middle […]

Vignette from the Death Book
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The Egyptian Death Book

The Egyptian Death Book, or “The Day to Go Out in the Day,” as the Egyptians called it, was a collection of texts and associated images (vignettes) used in private graves in Ancient Egypt from the New Kingdom (c. 1550–1069 BCE). ) to Greco-Roman times (332 BCE – 395 BCE). The texts were to protect […]