Camel market in the Agadès area
West Africa


Niger, Republic of the Inland of West Africa. The country is without a coastline and borders Mali in the west, Algeria and Libya in the north, Chad in the east, Nigeria and Benin in the south and Burkina Faso in the southwest. Much of the country is desert and sparsely populated, most of the country’s […]

Republic of the Congo
West Africa

Literature of the Republic of Congo Part II

Female writers Many women writers have been featured in the Republic of Congo. However, most of them have a little extensive writing. One of the main reasons for this is probably the view of the woman who has characterized the sub-Saharan countries: Many believe that women’s tasks are primarily related to family life, and therefore […]

Senuseret 3
North Africa

History of Ancient Egypt Part III

First Transition Period (Dynasty 9–11): c. 2118–1980 BCE. During the first transitional period, Memphis had ceased to serve as the seat of the central administration and Egypt was divided. This makes the chronology of the period somewhat obscure. Later literature from the Middle Kingdom often portrayed the period as chaotic with anarchy and distress. However, […]