Characteristic Village Begging
West Africa

History of Niger

Archaeological material shows that a large part of the Sahara was inhabited in prehistoric times by communities that operated with cattle keeping. The period between 7500 and 3000 before our time is often called Sahara’s “green period”. This is the same period when Egyptian civilization occurred. But after a long drought some 4000 years ago, […]

The geography of the Republic of Congo
West Africa

Geography of the Republic of Congo

Within the narrow coastal plain of the Republic of Congo, which does not exceed 90 meters above sea level, a number of parallel steep ridges, the MayoumbĂ© mountains, rise with a height ranging from 500 to 800 meters. Northeast of these mountains lies the Niari basin, which is the country’s best agricultural region, around the […]

construction of pyramids
North Africa

History of Ancient Egypt Part II

Early Dynastic Age (Dynasty 1-2): about 2900-2590 BCE. The unification of Egypt in the Late Predynastic era was further developed by the kings who are considered the first two dynasties. According to Egyptian tradition, Memphis (near present-day Cairo ) was used as a capital by the early kings. No early dynastic monuments exist in Memphis […]