Lake Chad December 2016
West Africa

Geography of Niger

The Niger bedrock consists mostly of sedimentary rocks from chalk and tertiary, interrupted by granite and basalt plateaus in Aïr (Idoukal-en-Taghès, 2022 masl). Against the Chad Sea, quaternary deposits dominate. The landscape is very flat over large stretches. The Niger River crosses the country in a creek furthest to the west. In the north there […]

Congolese workers
West Africa

History of Republic of Congo

The area that is today the Republic of Congo was originally populated by a hunter and sanctuary community. Around 2000 years ago, Bantu- speaking peoples migrated to the area, bringing with them an Iron Age culture. Over time, this culture became more centralized and small kingdoms gradually became large. About 1000 years ago, the Kingdom […]

The History of Ancient Egypt
North Africa

History of Ancient Egypt Part I

The history of ancient Egypt encompasses a period of almost 3000 years, and is traditionally reckoned from the collection of the kingdom around 3100 BCE. until the Roman conquest in the year 30 BCE. However, the foundations of Ancient Egypt were laid long before the kingdom was gathered and continuous settlement has been demonstrated in […]